No Use                 (Flash Fiction- Macabre)

Originally posted on Kira Scribbled – Words-Art-Other Stuff:
“When an animal out lives its usefulness, you put it down.” That’s what I was taught since I was five. That day, father spoke this phrase to me as Fitsy our Australian shepard who refused to chase sheep anymore, ?was shot in the head. I was told…

10 Food Facts That Will Make You Say “Really?!”

Originally posted on Just Brittany Moments:
1. Pringles had a lawsuit trying to prove that they weren’t really?potato chips. 2. Consuming dairy may cause acne!? 3. Store bought 100% “real” orange juice is 100%?artificially flavored. 4. The tea bag was created by?accident. Tea bags were originally sent as samples. 5. Ranch dressing contains titanium dioxide,…



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