Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fences and Gates

Originally posted on Cee's Photography:
This week the topic is Fences and Gates.  This topic is fairly self-explanatory.  Let’s see how creative you can get with this topic. I’m looking forward to what you all decide to post.  I just want you to have some fun with your photography. Upcoming Topics For a list…

Got 2018 events? Book Now! The schedule is filling up. Request @SylviaHubbard1

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http://sylviahubbard.com/contact | Download Speaker Sheet It’s the end of the year and a lot of planners that have annual literary events, business events or just would love to get more foot traffic are trying to find a way to get more people to their events. Well,…

Catch More Flies with Vinegar Than Honey

BitterSweet Vinegar is having a moment right now, bolstered by the rising popularity of experimental pickling, increasingly sour drinks, and infused dressings. Perhaps it’s the natural reaction to being saturated in sweetness from morning to night, a palate cleanser in between sugary snacks and unbalanced entrees, that’s driving the trend. Whatever the case may be, […]

The Ladies of Horror Flash Project – #Horror #author Stacey Turner @Spot_Speaks @Sotet_Angyal #LoH #fiction

Originally posted on Spreading the Writer's Word:
The Ladies of Horror Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge! Whatever You Say by Stacey Turner Jenna tried not to grimace as she took in the details of the room. Dust motes floated lazily in the small patch of light seeping through the boarded windows, and she wrinkled her nose in…

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon • Movie Review 11.2.17 • Gianna & Gemini

Originally posted on Gianna & Gemini:
This story moved me part emotion barriers that I’ve never thought I’d feel, things that I’d never thought I’d experience over a simply little movie. And it was a movie with a plot twist that actually shook me, and I never ever expected. Mandy Whittier is an 18 year…

Mouhalabiyeh – Levantine Milk Pudding

Dreamy mouhalabiyeh, a creamy and aromatic pudding flavored with orange blossom, rose, pistachios, and honey. This was one of my favorite desserts as a child and it always brings back festive memories. Such as many Levantine sweets native to Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey, this custard-like pudding is characterized by the combination of dairy and…

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