Recipe Reviews #78 — Hunida’s Blog

Mustard Salmon Sheet Pan Recipe found on foodiecrushMy Rating: 5 out of 5 My Review Salmon and mustard go really well together! I loved the sour tang from the lemon juice and the texture of the grainy mustard. The filet was super flaky and cooked to absolute perfection. The potatoes and asparagus were just the […]Continue reading “Recipe Reviews #78 — Hunida’s Blog”

Save 50% During Our Fall Sale — Duke University Press News

You’ve been asking for it and we’re happy to announce that our Fall Sale begins today. Grab brand new titles like Necropolitics by Achille Mbembe and What’s the Use? by Sara Ahmed or stock up on older titles for your comps. Pick up award-winners like Black Feminism Reimagined by Jennifer Nash and Reclaiming the Discarded […]Continue reading “Save 50% During Our Fall Sale — Duke University Press News”

Daily Four #13 — sparksfromacombustiblemind The Daily Four Season 1 – Game 12 Question Fun Directory Welcome to The Daily Four! Questions: What do you feel about charity really and should we give to charity and if we should, what should we give? Why do people donate […] via Daily Four #13 — sparksfromacombustiblemind

Orange Honey Sweet Rolls — amy bakes in the ‘burgh

Well, these are absolutely delicious. Not that I’m surprised; the recipe comes from my Better Homes & Gardens Baking book. And BH&G recipes have never – I repeat, never – let me down. Other sources are not so reliable, but I suspect that BH&G has the best test kitchen in the entire world. Which would […]Continue reading “Orange Honey Sweet Rolls — amy bakes in the ‘burgh”

The 10 wildest things the Avengers did with each other — Archy news nety

The Avengers are said to be the most powerful heroes on earth. They are the group of individuals who stand up for those who can not fight for themselves. Still, the Avengers did some pretty awful things in their days, especially with each other. LINK: Thor: 10 big differences between Asgard in the MCU and… viaContinue reading “The 10 wildest things the Avengers did with each other — Archy news nety”

Favorite Heron Spot —

A Trunk (water gate) controls the flow between marshes underneath this busy causeway. Cars travel over this all day. Herons hide and fish just out of sight. This bird stood by the ruler used to measure the waters depth as it flows out. People go past here all day and never notice the Heron. via FavoriteContinue reading “Favorite Heron Spot —”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Descent – October 13, 2019

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⇑Click the banner to visit October’s prompt Page ⇑ Daily Prompts – Words and Images To participate in This Daily Prompt, all you have to do is publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt. It can be words, images anything that you like. Put…

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