Scratch Building A Lathe From Pieces Of Granite — Hackaday

As hackers, we’re well accustomed to working with what we have on hand. That’s the name of the game, really. A large majority of the projects that have graced these pages are the direct result of trying to coerce a piece of hardware or software into doing something it was never designed to do, for… viaContinue reading “Scratch Building A Lathe From Pieces Of Granite — Hackaday”

Kevin Knox is growing quietly outside Knicks’ attention — Archynetys Last season, Kevin Knox was a magnet for every eye in Madison Square Garden. Spread all dribble. Every shot studied. Each movement got meaningful development, which could be expected to pick a Knicks lottery future. Now the focus is declining and moving to a much larger draft. Knox no longer starts. It plays less minutes.…Continue reading “Kevin Knox is growing quietly outside Knicks’ attention — Archynetys”

Pumpkin Chili — Emerging Adult Eats

How y’all get so creative? Like, days before Halloween I see you people showing UP in some of the best costumes ever. Y’all clever as HECK! My lame behind has NEVER had interesting inspiration for Halloween costumes. Ever since childhood I have just wanted to be a sexy princess or sexy rockstar. Like, I have […]Continue reading “Pumpkin Chili — Emerging Adult Eats”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Ebullient – October 29, 2019

Originally posted on Your Daily Word Prompt:
⇑Click the banner to visit October’s prompt Page ⇑ Daily Prompts – Words and Images To participate in This Daily Prompt, all you have to do is publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt. It can be words, images anything that you like. Put…

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