Here Are Some Great Little Changes to Make You Instantly Feel Healthier and More Energetic

What does optimal performance feel like? How do you feel when you’re performing ‘at your best’? For many of us the answer would be a combination of energy, focus and good mood. If you’re interested in being healthier then you should focus on these things because not only will you feel healthier immediately, but you’llContinue reading “Here Are Some Great Little Changes to Make You Instantly Feel Healthier and More Energetic”

Over A Dike Road, Heron —

This particular dike in a wildlife management area starts in a wooded area, with trees overhang into the marshlands. When lucky you can step out into the open and find various birds right above you. When really lucky the bright sky doesn’t blow out your shot since there’s little time to set up. This Great […]Continue reading “Over A Dike Road, Heron —”

#Review #5stars Veiled by Desire, by Candace Robinson — Didi Oviatt

MY REVIEW: Candace Robinson has done it again! Laith, #1 (Clouded by Envy) was an outstanding read with phenomenal characters. It’s mostly about a couple fairy type bats who escape the land of Laith, and the majority of the book is told on earth. So, when Candace approached me for a non-bios review of book […]Continue reading “#Review #5stars Veiled by Desire, by Candace Robinson — Didi Oviatt”

2019 New Apple Summer eBook Awards Solo “Medalist Winner” – Songs of Heartstrings — The Showers of Blessings

It is with great honor and humility to announce that my book ‘Songs of Heartstrings – Poems of Gratitude and Beatitude‘ was chosen as the solo “Medalist Winner” in the Poetry category of the 2019 New Apple Summer eBook Awards! About New Apple – Literary Services for Independent Authors New Apple was born in […]Continue reading “2019 New Apple Summer eBook Awards Solo “Medalist Winner” – Songs of Heartstrings — The Showers of Blessings”

Edge of Humanity Magazine Curator Services — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Although photography alone can tell a good part of the story, there are other factors that artists often overlook. During their search for the best light or the truth, photographers sweat in the heat and shrivel in the cold. They smell the stench and enjoy the aroma of flowers. They are welcomed and frowned […] viaContinue reading “Edge of Humanity Magazine Curator Services — Edge of Humanity Magazine”

Watch a 3D Printer Get Designed From The Ground Up — Hackaday

Too often when you see a build video, you only get to see the final product. Even if there’s footage of the build itself, it’s usually only the highlights as a major component is completed. But thankfully that’s not the case with the “V-Baby” CoreXY 3D printer that [Roy Berntsen] has been working on. Watching… viaContinue reading “Watch a 3D Printer Get Designed From The Ground Up — Hackaday”

Planning The Dream — The Alchemist’s Studio

Winter is coming! And if I needed any reminder, the weather here lately has provided it for me! Cold and snowy for $500, Alex! Sorry for the nerdy Jeopardy reference! Many of you may have surmised that I am working on building up my pottery studio with the intention of creating a livelihood that I… viaContinue reading “Planning The Dream — The Alchemist’s Studio”

Short Story Sunday: Brothers in Arms — Vampire Maman

And I thought my life was weird, thought Austin after reading a news story about a historian in Russia who was pulled out of a river along with a rucksack full of severed arms. The arms belonged to a former student. Austin never had any students he disliked that much. After kissing his girlfriend, who […]Continue reading “Short Story Sunday: Brothers in Arms — Vampire Maman”

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