How to Keep Motivated to Reach your Potential

Making the choice to unlock your potential is a big commitment. It will be worth the effort, but it’s smart to set up built-in motivation before you need it. There may be setbacks and times when you question if the goal is really worth the time and energy it requires to reach it. When youContinue reading “How to Keep Motivated to Reach your Potential”

Determining If Your Ideas Are Good

What’s the difference between a good idea and bad idea? Well, there are a lot of possible answers. The easiest one is that a good idea is, well, good. A good idea resonates within its given community. It has legs. People like it. They get behind it. They support it. They own it. Why? BecauseContinue reading “Determining If Your Ideas Are Good”

1 museum, 2 filmmakers, 13 films: The MFA celebrates the Coen brothers — Archynetys

Starting December 5 and running through December 29, the Fine Arts Museum will have the opportunity to view 13 of these features. In order of screening, the following are: Simple blood, 1984 (December 5 and 7) The film is as fundamental to the first word of its title and as a second word. A husband… viaContinue reading “1 museum, 2 filmmakers, 13 films: The MFA celebrates the Coen brothers — Archynetys”

Best travel gear items for foreign women — Archynetys

Make the most of seasonal exploration with well-functioning and well-designed clothes and accessories. In our eyes, the main season is adventure time. We know exactly that any trip can be improved by having the right equipment, whether you are going through remote spots across the globe or looking at the significance of the national parks… viaContinue reading “Best travel gear items for foreign women — Archynetys”

Ladies of Horror Flash Project – #Horror #author Christina Sng @ChristinaSng @Sotet_Angyal #LoH #fiction — Spreading the Writer’s Word

The Ladies of Horror Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge! Into the Tall Grass by Christina Sng Vermillion plumes rise From the black towers. Who are they burning today? I clutch the children tight, Relieved we ran when we did, Safe for now in the wilderness. In the tower pyres, The Overlords are culling again, Our elders roundedContinue reading “Ladies of Horror Flash Project – #Horror #author Christina Sng @ChristinaSng @Sotet_Angyal #LoH #fiction — Spreading the Writer’s Word”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Peculiar – November 27, 2019

Originally posted on Your Daily Word Prompt:
⇑Click the banner to visit November’s prompt Page ⇑ Daily Prompts – Words and Images To participate in This Daily Prompt, all you have to do is publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt. It can be words, images anything that you like. Put…

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