Happy New Year! — | The Houston Zoo

Thank you for being a Houston Zoo supporter! This has been a very special year for the Houston Zoo and are thrilled with our 2019 successes and looking forward to 2020. Every Zoo visit helps us save animals in the wild all over the world. From our Zoo family to yours, Happy New Year! A… viaContinue reading “Happy New Year! — | The Houston Zoo”

Ring in the New Year with Appetizers, Mini Desserts and Good Luck Food! — Home is Where the Boat Is — ravenhawks’ magazine

And just like that we’re saying goodbye to another year! If you’re looking for some appetizers or inspiration to Ring in the New Year, I have a round-up of recipes for New Year’s Eve, along with some good luck foods for your New Year’s Day celebration. Click on the links below highlighted in red forContinue reading “Ring in the New Year with Appetizers, Mini Desserts and Good Luck Food! — Home is Where the Boat Is — ravenhawks’ magazine”

Ways To Optimise Your Website For Google Search — Melinda J. Irvine

In today’s blog I’m outlining 11 ways to optimise your website for Google search. Apply these 11 best practices to all the content on your website — every post and every page. The post Ways To Optimise Your Website For Google Search appeared first on Melinda J. Irvine. via Ways To Optimise Your Website For GoogleContinue reading “Ways To Optimise Your Website For Google Search — Melinda J. Irvine”

Top 10 Ways to form Money Online from home

Originally posted on GROWGUNA:
#1. Become a Freelancer: If you’re an honest programmer, designer or marketer then you’ll find tons of paid jobs.  need to possess two skills to become an honest freelancer. One is your core skill, and therefore the second skill is marketing. If you’re not an honest marketer, then seek help from an experienced marketer to form your profile. You’ve got to possess excellent communication skills to urge clients. I have written two in-depth articles on the…

History of New Year Celebration — GROWGUNA

How did New Year’s eve start? New Year’s Eve is one of the world’s most celebrated holidays, whether you’re a kid excited to stay up all night or an adult just trying to make it to midnight after a long day of work — or day drinking. But how did the tradition of New Year’s […]Continue reading “History of New Year Celebration — GROWGUNA”

The Real Treasure of the Caribbean: Haiti, Part 2. Fried Accra. — koolkosherkitchen

Slavery started in Haiti with the arrival of Columbus. Met with friendliness, welcoming gifts, and delicious local fritters called Accra or Akra, he described the native Arawak Taino people as “tractable, and easily led; they could be made to grow crops and build cities” (Mellzer, Slavery: A World History, 1971). And the gentle, helpful natives […]Continue reading “The Real Treasure of the Caribbean: Haiti, Part 2. Fried Accra. — koolkosherkitchen”

The Best Classic Film Music Albums of 2019 — Variety

So you thought compact discs were a dead format? Not to soundtrack collectors. Film music labels continue to thrive, turning from current scores to, increasingly, limited-edition expansions and even new recordings of classic scores from the past. Many film studios have (as they did in the 1950s and ’60s) formed their own in-house music labels… viaContinue reading “The Best Classic Film Music Albums of 2019 — Variety”

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