Concord Acquires Majority Stake in Pulse Music Group — Variety

Concord Music Publishing and Pulse Music Group today announced “an exclusive joint venture music publishing business.” Concord, which acquired Fujipacific Music’s global stake in Pulse for a sum Music Business Worldwide says was $100 million, will administer the catalog and all future signings from Pulse. Pulse’s roster includes Starrah, Ty Dolla $ign, OZ, Tyler Johnson,Continue reading “Concord Acquires Majority Stake in Pulse Music Group — Variety”

Online Insecurities — T. R. Robinson Publications

Ideas on how users may protect themselves while sharing on social media have been previously shared in How to Stay Safe on Social Media however, the issue extends far beyond social media. It is suggested, most digital users, whether active on computer, tablet, e-reader, smartphone, etc., suffer some degree of insecurity in their online activity. […]Continue reading “Online Insecurities — T. R. Robinson Publications”

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter Scenes — Cee’s Photo Challenges

The topic for this week is winter. Depending on where you live, winter can appear quite different from others. Remember not all of us live close enough to either the North or South Pole to have tremendous snow. Some winters even have flowers. So show your typical winter scenes. Feel free to use your photo […]Continue reading “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter Scenes — Cee’s Photo Challenges”

What’s The Well-dressed Anhinga Wearing This Season? — anotherdayinparadise

Here we have Ms Annie anhinga modelling her stunning winter outfit. It presents an elegant and smooth profile with the cape completely closed. For a more dramatic effect, the cape can be opened right up to show the magnificent placing of the feathers. This outfit can not only be worn in Florida’s sunny weather, but […]Continue reading “What’s The Well-dressed Anhinga Wearing This Season? — anotherdayinparadise”

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 7th January 2020. #Moviereview D.G. Kaye, #Funnies The Story Reading Ape, #Measurements Beetley Pete — Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies chose a film to review last Sunday and it is one that we have seen and enjoyed very much too.. The Green Book that did very well last year at the Oscars. Sunday Movie Review – Green Book – Best Picture 2019 Today’s Sunday Movie Review is for Best Picture […] viaContinue reading “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 7th January 2020. #Moviereview D.G. Kaye, #Funnies The Story Reading Ape, #Measurements Beetley Pete — Smorgasbord Blog Magazine”

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