Longest Rivers in the World — George Collins

Longest Rivers in the World1. Nile – 6,695 KM2. Amazon- 6516KM3. Yangtze( Chang Jiang) – 6380KM4. Mississippi Missouri – 5979KM5. Ob’Irtysh – 5568KM6. Yenisey Angara, selenga – 5550KM7. Yellow River – 5464KM8. Congo River – 4667KM9. Rio de la plata – Parana – 4500KM10. Irtysh – 4440KM via Longest Rivers in the World — George Collins

Exit Wounds — Tall Writer

Action hero Steven Seagal co-stars with rapper DMX in this dynamic police action vehicle based on a novel written by John Westermann and co-produced by Joel Silver. The action stays above average, lagging a bit in the middle, and the supporting cast has many familiar faces. Seagal, as talented police officer Orin Boyd, keeps his […]Continue reading “Exit Wounds — Tall Writer”

5 inspirations for an active vacation in Europe — magicandbeauty

1.The Thermal Spa Sarvar (Hungary) is ideally located between Vienna and Budapest. You can visit two Imperial cities in Central Europe. This spa resort was renovated in 2002 to the highest standards. The city has a 16th-century Upstairs Castle and a large space with green spaces. Fans of architecture, history and walking will have the […]Continue reading “5 inspirations for an active vacation in Europe — magicandbeauty”

Your Daily Word Prompt – Haste – January 18, 2020

Originally posted on Your Daily Word Prompt:
⇑Click the banner to visit January’s prompt Page ⇑ Today’s Word:  Haste Here is the URL link you can copy to your post: https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2020/01/18/your-daily-word-prompt-haste-january-18-2020/    HASTE noun swiftness of motion; speed; celerity:He performed his task with great haste. They felt the need for haste. urgent need of quick…

Captain Marvel Comic found a smart way to fight Brie Larson movie trolls — Archynetys

Last year, Marvel Studios made history by making its first film starring a female protagonist in Captain Marvel. The blockbuster starring Oscar winner Brie Larson was a huge success among fans when the film introduced the hero behind the backdrop of Los Angeles in the 1990s. But, before the movie’s release, the movie Superheroes did… viaContinue reading “Captain Marvel Comic found a smart way to fight Brie Larson movie trolls — Archynetys”

A Super Bowl for Idiots: Erie’s Favorite Podcasters Weigh in on the Big Game — Idiotville

It’s a dream that begins in August. Titans of athletic achievement leaving their blood, sweat, and tears out on a remote facility with the goal of reaching the pinnacle of their profession. Though most will fall short, a chosen and gifted few will triumph. A lifetime of pain and sacrifice will culminate in one moment […]Continue reading “A Super Bowl for Idiots: Erie’s Favorite Podcasters Weigh in on the Big Game — Idiotville”

Five Links 1/18/2020 Traci Kenworth — Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author & Book Blogger

Five Links 1/18/2020 Traci Kenworth Writing: 1. https://writershelpingwriters.net/2020/01/six-steps-to-setting-yourself-up-financially-as-a-writer-in-2020/ “I’ve always loved the energy of a New Year. It’s alive with intentions and goals and the buzz of a fresh start. This New Year feels even more special because it’s the start of a new decade too. With that in mind, do you know where you […]Continue reading “Five Links 1/18/2020 Traci Kenworth — Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author & Book Blogger”

Sculptures not very famous in Krakow — paintdigi

BEAUTY OF ART AND IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous in CRAKOW – Poland I have sought, in several countries, artistic eauties, little known; Here’s what I found for you Author: JerzyGorecki . Source : needpix “Student”, fountain statue in Mariacki square in Old Town Author: Zygmunt Put Zetpe0202 . Source : commons.wikimedia Monument […]Continue reading “Sculptures not very famous in Krakow — paintdigi”

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