Science Behind Weak Bones

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Let’s get to know about weak bones. Other than strengthening of bones calcium is extremely important for muscle contraction and nerve conduction.  Till the age of 35 only, calcium deposits in the bone. But after that also, calcium is adequately needed because if dietary calcium is insufficient then…

Six ways to kick start your fitness program — The Art of Being Fabulous

It can be difficult to start an exercise program after a period, or lifetime, of inactivity. Whether it’s due to bad habits, health issues, being intimidated by others at the gym, or the most popular excuse of all, “I don’t have the time,” it’s easy to find reasons not to exercise. I know first hand, […] […]

Lessons on brain health from a fundamental study of the heart — Archy news nety

At age 70 and counting, the Framingham Heart Study continues to help clinicians better understand stroke, dementia and heart disease. Published: March 2019 Image: © BHPix / Getty Images In 1948, more than 5,200 people living in a city just west of Boston volunteered for what evolved into the most long-lived and best known study […] […]

3 Nutrition Facts – Calcium

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Let’s reveal 3 facts about calcium. Nutrition Fact #1 All fruits contain negligible amount of calcium. Nutrition Fact #2 All dairy products are rich sources of calcium and better absorbed. Nutrition Fact #3 Green leafy vegetables and oil seeds are also rich sources  of calcium but poorly absorbed…

3 Nutrition Facts – Vitamin D

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Let’s reveal 3 Nutrition Facts about Vitamin D. Nutrition Fact #1 It’s not present in any plant based foods. Nutrition Fact #2 It’s mandatory for calcium absorption. Nutrition Fact #3 Dairy products, eggs and non vegetarian foods are good and only sources of it. Inactive form is present…

Fibromyalgia & Peripheral Neuropathy

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Anyone ever heard of – or been diagnosed with small nerve fiber neuropathy? I’ve heard so many screwball therapies and “cures” about and for FM and been misdiagnosed so many times, all the chatter usually falls by the wayside with me. My sister got my attention with small nerve…

Weight Gain and Bipolar Medications

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Weight gain is a common issue for people on bipolar medications. Learn which drugs have this unfortunate side effect and how you can keep your weight under control. Medications that are used to treat bipolar disorder are intended to help stabilize mood and ease depression, but they often come with a…

Health benefits of Fruits

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Fruits – Fruits are a gift of God for human beings which contains a high source of vitamins, minerals, folates, antioxidants, phytonutrients and many more necessary nutrients for the growth of the body. The fruits ate very tasty and beneficial for a body and also used in prevents several diseases. Health…

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