Subject-Verb Agreement — INGL 4255: Professional Editing

The couple (is/are) at the mall today. Amy and Eleanor (is/are) the best of friends. Neither Becky nor Fred (is/are) here. By the way, have you acquired the last four pages that (is/are) on sale? Bring in the bacon and eggs that (is/are) for dinner.

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True or False — INGL 4255: Professional Editing

Refer to Chapter 12. Correct the false premises. All books have at least 5 pieces of front matter. The copyright page is on the right page. The list of tables always goes before the introduction in the contents page of a book. An introduction is not written the author. As a copyeditor, you must correct […]

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This is real messy — INGL 4255: Professional Editing

This is a pretty poorly written paragraph correct at your own risk. For a long time, people have used lots of means of transportatoin to move from one place to another, or for the importation orexportation of goods and marchandise. Today we can use planes and boates to travel from london to New York in a short period of time. Buses, traines , or cars are used to move from towns and cities to other places, for short or even for long distances. In urbain citiespeople use trames and underground to go to work. The Chineese use bicycles and motorbikes on their daily life to go to work or to school as an attempt to avoid the trafic during the day.

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Company Names — INGL 4255: Professional Editing

Practice your knowledge of how to correctly refer to the following companies: BIC pens are the greatest. Iphones are really taking over the industry. Have you had a v8? What kind of music do you like to listen to on your itunes? Become the jedi star wars would want you to be. My favorite soft […]

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Punctuation — INGL 4255: Professional Editing

Add the correct punctuation, or correct the misuse. 1.Today we went on a trip overseas saw people on the beach and had fun 2. The following: materials are needed for the exam pencils papers and the erasers 3. Do you know he repeated if the baron is alright! 4. How could you do that to […]

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Numbers — INGL 4255: Professional Editing

Fix any errors in the use of numbers in the following exercises. The shirt costs $50. The bond yielded four and one third percent annually. 47 people were hired last month. Last summer they traveled 11875 miles. Her earnings rose from $500 to five thousand dollars in one year because of her marketing efforts.

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