Book Review: Quoth the Raven, edited by Lyn Worthen

Book Review: Quoth the Raven edited by Lyn Worthen

When I was around ten years old, I came across the story The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe.  That was my introduction to his work, and I loved it.  Over the years, I read more of his stories and eventually his poetry and enjoyed it all.  He’s in my top ten list of favorite authors, and more than one of his stories would be in my list of favorite short fiction.  When I was offered the chance to read and reviewQuoth the Raven, an anthology of retellings of Poe’s stories by contemporary authors, I responded with a resounding yes.

Quoth the Raven by [Fallon, Amber, Azariah-Kribbs, A.A, Worthen, Lyn, Gorman, Amelia, Bollinger, Aryan, Ellis, Brian, Weaver, Donea, Abela, Chris, Ahern, Edward, Rich, Emerian, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Vicki Weisfeld, Gregory J. Wolos, Sidney Williams, R.C. Scandalis, Karen Robiscoe, Tonia Kalouria, John Kiste , Melanie Cossey, Matthew M. Montelione, Kenneth C. Goldman, Steven R. Southard, Kara Race-Moore, Stephanie L. Harper, Susan McCauley, Sonora Taylor, Lauryn Christopher, Sarah Murtagh, Lawrence Berry, Frank Coffman]This anthology features prose and poetry, mostly modern day reworkings of his stories, but some stand out as original ideas written following his style.  “The Cellphone,” by R.C. Scandalis, for example.  That one is a…

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“Distress Signals” by Catherine Ryan Howard – Book Review


Adam Dunne and Sarah O’Connell have been living together for almost a decade now. He is a screenwriter waiting for his ‘big break‘. She works in PR and supports them both. Adam has just received some good news and finally reaps some success from his writing. When Sarah tells Adam she is flying to Barcelona for a conference, he doesn’t think twice. After an initial message when she first arrives, he doesn’t hear from her again. He becomes more and more concerned. Then he receives her passport in the mail.

She doesn’t arrive home on the scheduled day. Her parents are equally concerned about her well-being. They go to the Garda in Cork, but they are unhelpful saying that Sarah is an adult, and adults purposefully go missing everyday…

Sarah’s best friend tells Adam that Sarah has been seeing someone else. Distraught, but still frantic as to Sarah’s…

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The best thrillers on Netflix for people who love spiral endings — Archy news nety

You have looked Shutter Island repeatedly, looking for all the clues scattered around the rising action? You’re a fan of movies like Fight Club is Memento? If you love a psychological thriller that comes with a surprising but inevitable ending, then this is the list for you. & # 39; Shutter Island by Leonardo Di…

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Easter Music

A Unique Title For Me

I took my first stab at hosting another challenge on Friday, which basically went unnoticed, except for the 17 bloggers that clicked the like button, a few that made comments and I had one blogger who became a participant in this challenge, thanks Li.  It was a rock and roll post titled Rocket 88 and it was supposed to generate interest for people to join in, but it was almost a complete flop.  It was my first post for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie MM Music Challenges, which is a bi-weekly post and I guess that I am mentioning it to try and drum up business for my next post which will be on Friday May 3rd.  I plan to cover the Bob Marley song ‘I Shot The Sheriff” which was made famous by Eric Clapton, in case you want to check it out.  I guess I could blame my poor showing…

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