Quadrille #78: Rise


Hi, everyone. It’s Quadrille Monday! This is a dVerse creation—a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title. It must contain the given word. The poem can take any form: rhymed, free verse, or even a Haibun.

I often think of the quadrille as a sort of fun poem, and perhaps this can be a rest from writing villanelles and other tricky forms. But a quadrille can be serious, too. I’m giving you a word that will allow for all sorts of possibilities. Can you to rise to the occasion?

Yes, I’m asking you to use the word rise. April here is a month of plants rising from the ground. But when I started thinking about it, I came up with so many ways the word can be used. Bread dough rises—and matzoh does not. Balloons, birds, kites, airplanes, and spaceships all rise into the sky. Perhaps a thought…

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #250 Action&Friction

But I Smile Anyway...

Ronovan’s Haiku prompt this week:

Action & Friction

More a senryu again this week, and a little saucy!

Getting some action
Quickly, whilst noone's watching
But ouch! Friction burns!

Ritu 2019

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Giani Kitchen Countertop Makeover


Do you have ugly kitchen counters, but not the budget to replace.  Well I have the perfect solution. Giani Countertop Kit.

Giani Countertop Kit can be used on:

  • Formica counter tops and vanities
  • Laminate counter tops and vanities
  • Corian counter tops
  • Butcher block counter tops
  • Tile with grout lines
  • Cultured marble vanities
  • One piece sink and counter vanities
  • Primed or painted wood
  • Primed or painted drywall
  • Cabinet inlays
  • Table tops
  • Mantels
  • Granite

So, if you have a tile, formica, or laminate counters and want them to look beautiful….do this update. You will be so incredibly happy with the finished look. This isn’t paint, it is minerals. Very thin consistency, almost like water. For those of you who are thinking that you’re not very creative, you really don’t have to be. What is so great is if you make a mistake, you can roll on the primer again and start…

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Whole Foods to Make You Feel Full


One of the most challenging things that people face when they are trying to eat a different way is dealing with hunger pains. Unlike processed foods that tend to ‘stick to your ribs’ and clog up your system, whole foods are meant to be absorbed by the body quickly. While this is great in terms of your body getting the nutrients that it needs fast, it is also hard because it means that you tend to get hungry faster.


Think about it, even though fries and a milkshake may have been enough to get you through your workday before you started eating whole, now that you are eating more fruits and vegetables you are likely finding that you are feeling hungry much faster.


But there is good news, you can find a way to stick to your whole foods routine and keep yourself feeling full at the same time. You just need to learn which foods will keep you feeling full and make those foods a staple in every meal.


For starters, you want to be sure that every meal has a good dose of protein. While it might seem like you are eating too much protein, it is important to remember that protein is a crucial part of our bodies and many of us are not getting enough protein. If you are a whole foods plant based eater, your grains will provide you with the protein that you are looking for. And of course if you are a meat eater then you will be getting the majority of your protein through the meats that you eat.


Once you have found your proteins, the next step is to find your fibers. Fiber not only helps to clean out your system naturally, but it also goes a long way in allowing you to feel full.


Finally, you want to be sure that you have good carbs added to all of your meals. A great source of this can be found in sweet potatoes. The beauty of sweet potatoes is that you can eat them in abundance and they work with both meat and plant based whole food eaters.


One of the easiest ways to find success when you are switching to a whole foods lifestyle is to find ways to keep yourself feeling full. When we start to feel hungry, it becomes very easy for us to reach back to our favorite comfort foods. After all, even if these foods are unhealthy they are the foods that your body is used to eating so they are the foods that your body knows will satisfy it.


But the good news is that planning all of your meals around protein, carbs, and fiber will allow you to feel full for a longer period of time. And feeling full will help you greatly on your whole food eating path.



Paleo for Kids


There is almost nothing scarier than the responsibility that comes with raising a child. Whether it’s getting them off to school or watching them start to date there is no way around it…parenting is hard. And more often than not we find ourselves wondering if we are making the right decision for our children and second guessing ourselves at every turn.


But there is one area where you can know that you are doing the best for your children. And that is when it comes to the foods that they are eating. When you have a child that is eating paleo, you have the comfort of knowing that you are doing the absolute best that you can for them. Not only are you feeding them foods that will help them to fight off colds and other ailments, but you are giving them food that is going to aid in their overall development, muscle building, stamina, and even brain power. In other words, there is no shortage of ways that eating paleo can help your child to succeed.


As you know, protein plays a vital part in helping a growing child. Having the right amount of protein is a critical part of promoting healthy muscle growth, boosting concentration, and helping with energy levels. All of these are things that are essential to a growing child.


But that isn’t the only thing that eating paleo can offer to your kids. Eating paleo also promotes eating vegetables, which will give your children a healthy dose of the nutrients that their bodies are needing. And of course, vegetables tend to be rich in fiber, which helps to ensure good digestion and gut health.


On the surface, it might seem like asking your child to eat all of these healthy foods will be a battle. And to be honest, in the beginning it just might be. But over time you might be surprised to find your children will start looking forward to eating their paleo meals.


One of the greatest things about the fact that the paleo diet is so popular is that people are getting creative with their recipes, and they are sharing that creativity with others. There was a time not too long ago when eating paleo meant eating bland meat and veggies. Even though these things served their purpose in making you healthy, they didn’t necessarily make food something to look forward to.


Thankfully those days are over and now eating paleo isn’t just healthy, it can be downright fun. Here are some examples of healthy paleo treats that will tame even the pickiest of eaters:


  • Paleo Mac and Cheese
  • Paleo Donuts
  • Paleo Pancakes
  • Paleo Fudge
  • Paleo Chicken Nuggets
  • Paleo Pizza


These are just a few examples of the recipes that you can make when your family starts eating paleo. Not only will these recipes help you to ease your family into a new way of eating, but your little ones might even start asking to help you in the kitchen.


Making the transition to the paleo diet can be hard, but it isn’t impossible. As long as you keep things light and allow your family to have foods similar to the foods they are used to, you will have a healthy paleo family in no time. 



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